Interesting TV documentary about chronic pain in Germany

Lately, German TV station ZDF showed an interesting documentary about chronic pain. It provides not only insights into diseases but also portraits pain patients. What becomes obvious is that pain patients struggle to define their pain and communicate it to other people. Sadly, they are left alone with their disease. Even more sad is that the health system seems not to care about the fate of the pain patients. There are too few doctors, which are not well educated in the chronic pain domain and unfortunately way too many pain patients.

More than ever, we believe that we need to fix this problem! We believe in a world where everybody helps each other to fight chronic pain. Our means is modern technology. We build apps to come up with better diagnosis as well as better treatments. Above all, we provide pain patients with a place to go. A place of understanding. A place of hope.

Together we are stronger than pain!

See the full video on [in German only]

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